Safe Escape Tips

• In the event of a fire you have less then two minutes to safely escape your home. Being prepared is key to getting out quickly and safely. 

• Plan a safe escape plan with your family. Draw a sketch of the floor plan of your home. Plan two exits from each room and safe meeting place outside. 

• Make special arrangements for very young, elderly or disabled people to help them escape safely.  

• Practice your escape plan with your family at least twice a year. 

• Smoke is the real enemy. 75% of those who die in a house fire are killed by smoke, not flames. 

• Smoke rises. Crawl with your head 12-24 inches above the floor, to get below smoke and make a safe escape. 

• It takes 10-15 minutes to burn through a wooden door. Sleep with your door closed. 

• Test the doors for heat before opening. Use the back of your hand to touch the door, door knob, hinges and cracks. If you feel hit, use a second exit.  If the door is cool, open it slowly and peek out. If you see thick smoke or flames, close it quickly and use another exit. 

• If you are trapped, stuff clothing under the doors to keep out smoke. Wait at a window for the fire department. If you have a phone, call the fire department and tell them your location. Signal to the firefighters with a light colored cloth. 

• Never go back into a burning building for any reason! 


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