Escape Plan Lesson Plan


The purpose of this lesson plan is to teach students the importance of planning and practicing a safe esccape plan in case of a fire at home.


Learning Objectives

1. Identify the importance of a home escape plan.

2. Plan and design a home escape plan.

3. Implement a planned home esccape plan.


Lesson Activity

1. Discuss with students what they should do if there is ever a fire in their home.

a .The most important thing is to get out as quickly as possible.

b.  You should never waste time getting your favorite toys and other things.

c. Fires can be dark and scary, but a plan and practice will help make your escape better.

d. You should have a plan that you practice with your family.

2. Explain to students what a fire escape plan is. 

a. Each room should have 2 ways out.

b. The plan should have a safe meeting place away from the home.

c. Everyone in the house should know what the plan is.

3. Explain what a student should do if they are ever in a fire. 

a. Most fires start at night, when you are in bed.

b. If you wake up to a fire, drop low and crawl to the door.

i. If the door is warm, use the second escape plan.

ii. If the second escape plan is blocked, crawl to the window.

iii.  Use a white cloth or flashlight to shine out the window so rescuers know where you are.  Be sure to listen for the rescusers coming to help you. 

iv. If you can get out of the house, go straight to your meeting place.

v. Never go back into a burning building. 

c. If you or your clothes catch on fire, Stop, Drop, and Roll.

4. Have students design an escape plan for their bedrooms.

a. On a sheet of drawing paper, have students draw an outline on their room.

i. Mark the door, windows and bed.

ii. Be sure they include the closet.

b. Using 2 different colors, students should draw paths to escape the room. 

c. If they are on the second story, they should wait at the window until a rescuer can help them. 

5. Have students share their plans with the class.

a. Discuss the good strategies, and adjust ones that are in need of help.

b. Have students share their plans with their parents at home for practice. 


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